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Utah! and Intermediate Controlled Remote Viewing with Paul Smith

posted 24 Sep 2014, 17:25 by Jon Noble   [ updated 24 Sep 2014, 19:50 ]

I have just returned from a very pleasant and educational trip to Utah where I attended Paul Smith’s Intermediate Controlled Remote Viewing course. (Link to Paul's site course description.)

Paul’s Intermediate class covers CRV movement and mobility, stage IV, remote viewing people, some nifty remote viewing heuristics, and an introduction to stage V. 

Paul is an excellent teacher, concerned that his students understand the theory and practical aspects of what he is conveying; more than once I heard “Jon, you seem to have a puzzled look on your face”, which I would acknowledge and he would explain again. Paul has great RV examples and stories from his part in RV’s history. I got 8 full stage 4 monitored (by Paul) practise sessions in, so a good number under my belt.

For those of you that have attended Paul’s Basic course you’ll be glad to hear Intermediate has less homework! Just enough to help the information stick.

As a bonus, Utah is stunning, had a great opportunity to see some of the national parks and monuments.