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Member's Tasks

TRNStatusTime ConstraintCommentsFeedback
MT 1234  Just testing None not a real target   
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Members’ Targets are for members to call on the psychic skills of other members to answer their questions. 

Members who have questions would be the ‘tasker’, and would have to:
  • Clearly define the task and create a reference number (a set of 4 letters or numbers, e.g., F641) 
  • Establish what the front-loading would be (either a person, a place, structure, an event) 
  • Create the feedback 
  • Provide the feedback to the viewers, rating their sessions, pointing out any information that was particularly useful 

The tasker would mail me their coordinate and front loading word, if any, and any time constraint, e.g., ‘sessions need to be in before March to be useful’. Note the tasker does not send the tasking itself.

I will encrypt the coordinate and load on the RVPG website.

Viewers take the coordinate and do their sessions. Sessions require a summary; your impressions described and logically arranged in full sentences. See the last page this session from Daz Smith as an example of a summary;


Viewers need to scan their sessions and mail them to me.

I will pass them on the tasker who will provide the feedback when available.


1. ARV – finding the specific outcome where there are limited possible outcomes 

Eric wants to know the outcome of a football game two weeks in the future, and find two pictures, one of Stonehenge and the other the space shuttle. He labels the picture of Stonehenge ‘A’ and the Shuttle ‘B’, then on a separate piece of paper writes ‘D91Q Describe the picture you will see in the future from the point of view of the photograph at the time the picture was taken. A - My teams wins, B - other team wins.” Eric place all three pieces of paper in an envelope, and mails me the reference D91Q and says the sessions need to be in 10 days to be useful.

2. Finding a location

Betty wants to know the winners of a sports league. She writes ‘F641 Describe the most outstanding and easily recognizable architectural feature of the city of the winners of the xxxxx league” on a piece of paper and places it in an envelope. Betty mails me the reference F641 and says the sessions need to be in before 6 September to be useful, front-loading is ‘Structure’.

After the league final, as the feedback, Betty can ascertain the city of the winners, and find most easily recognizable architectural feature of the city.

3. Open

Nigel has a career choice to make and is looking for guidance. Two possible routes appear open, each with their own pros and cons. Nigel needs to be very clear of what he is asking, “What is the best job” or “rewarding job” are probably not good questions as good and rewarding can mean different things. Nigel decides the most important factor is how he feels in the job, and writes “TT61 describe the job which is available to me in which I will derive the most personal satisfaction.”

Please let me know any question or comments.

A few rules:
  • To be a tasker, you need to be a paid up, and active member, that is you will make an effort to help other members by viewing for them. 
  • Taskers will not ‘play’ with viewers by posting fake or nonsense targets. 
  • Taskers will not task disturbing or potentially disturbing targets such as missing persons. 
  • Taskers understand this is a practice group, and they themselves are responsible for any decisions / actions they take. 

Viewers need to take the effort seriously by taking time with their sessions, and providing readable information in their summaries.