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Practice Targets

New target reference numbers (TRNs) are posted prior to each meeting (see Next Target on the banner on the left). If you're planning on attending a meeting have a go and bring your impressions as we discuss this target at the meeting. Join www.facebook.com/groups/NRVBook/ for notifications of new targets and feedback 

You don’t need to come to the meetings to take part as feedback is added here after the meeting. 

Listed below are previous targets, you can use these to practice. If you feel you need some front loading before your session click the Frontloading link. This will only state the type of target (e.g., person, event, location, object). 
Make a note of the target reference number (don't click it!), then do your session. Then, when you've completed your session, select the TRN to see the feedback. 

Good Luck and remember: practice, practice, practice!